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Merle Morris











Here in Texas, unless you count 6 months in DC and 2 years in Uruguay. 

B.A. in Economics 1973 BYU, Juris Doctor, 1976 BYU Law School, Master of Accountancy BYU 1987 


My current job as an attorney working in disaster assistance for the U.S. Small Business Administration 

Attorney, first in private practice as a country lawyer and city attorney (all kinds of interesting stories), then in my current position. I also worked as an accountant for a CPA firm in the Bay Area with a very wealthy and interesting clientele.

My work for the SBA involved traveling to disaster areas throughout the United States and its territories although I haven't had to go on site for about 4 years. 



Five children; 3 boys, then 2 girls. Ages 43. 39, 37, 35 and 32. 

Five grandchildren: A girl 12, a boy 9, and 2 girls and a boy are all 2. No they're not triplets but they were all born within a couple of months of each other. 

Maybe for our 65th reunion 

Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Territory of Guam, Wake Island (not a country, but an interesting rock out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), Japan and China. 


Marrying my wife, Linda, raising our five children and playing with our grandchildren. 

Being happily married to my wife for 44 years. Doing well in college and graduate school. Finding a career I enjoy. Helping New York recover from 9-11. Finishing the Hotter 'n' Hell Hundred bicycle ride a few times. When we found out we were being transferred to Texas, my wife and I signed up for this ride figuring that if we finished it successfully, anything Texas threw at us heat-wise after that would be a piece of cake. 

I would have run the mile race as a rabbit for Ed Werner in the track meet with Piedmont HS. He really wanted to post a record time, I was injured, but I still could have cranked out some low 60 laps for him. Ah, the failed and faded glories of our high school years! 

They haven't been written yet. No sage advice from me. I'm sorry I can't join you for the reunion but we'll be in China for a family vacation.