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Bob Gunther











BA Biochem, BS Chem E. MBA 


Skipper on sailboat in Mediterranean 

30 Years Semiconductor Production Engineer = research, testing, developing and controlling production processes for semiconductor manufacturing. Started in '78 when we had 3 transistor circuit and retired when we had on-board RAM and logic all integrated on a single chip. 



2 - William 27 and Jennifer 33 

Mexico, Canada
Germany, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece,
Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia 


Life in both Singapore and on Mediterranean were wonderful when I was there. 

My German is pretty good. (For someone who struggles with English). It helps to have a German-American wife. 

I really wasn't that much in control. So I doubt if I would do anything differently. 

Woody Allen: There is no point in thinking about death. The house always wins.