Questionnaire Answers

Hank Fridell











Outside of the military, here in Custer, South Dakota 

Bachelors from Sonoma, teaching certificate from Black Hills, Masters from Colorado 


Being an Elementary Principal 

Educator. I started out as a Special Education teacher, became the Director of Education at a State Hospital for the disabled, became an Elementary Teacher in a public school, became a School Board Member, became an Advocate for children with disabilities, became a District Special Education Director, became an Elementary Principal for 20 years, and finally a Consultant for the State working with new Elementary Principals on Indian reservation schools.  



Matt is 43. Jake is 37. 

Lily is 15. Sage is 13. 


Viet Nam, Phillipines, Japan..... Canada, Mexico. 

Viet Nam 

I was in the Navy, attached to Beach Jumper Unit 1, serving two tours of duty in Viet Nam. Marianne and I have two boys and two grandchildren. We settled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where we built a home, one paycheck at a time, which is where one of my son's currently resides. I have worked in public schools in many capacities. As a Fulbright recipient I spent time in Japan studying their educational system. Marianne and I are songwriters and musicians, having performed in a variety of bands and released several CDs and cassette tapes from our recording studio We are currently in a bluegrass band, String Tied

For the last 17 years we have helped with the Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song project in Spearfish and Custer, and I help coordinate the Burning Beetle celebration in Custer

My grandson and I will be back in the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area of the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming this summer, backpacking; and this Fall Marianne and I will be working in a winery in Sonoma Valley for a week, bringing home enough grapes to make a couple hundred bottles of wine.

I like projects. 

Since I was in high school, I have continued to play the banjo. It has brought me much joy and fulfillment. 

Kept my desk more tidy. 

You bet!