Questionnaire Answers

Mike Fitzgerald










Since High School? About 17 times. 

Ft Lauderdale FL 

A couple of years in JC where I learned to fly, and earned my pilot's license. Several schools in the FAA. 


Working for the FAA. 

Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS), Air Traffic Supervisor (SATCS), and Air Traffic Manager (ATM). I was in the FAA for 35 years, and retired in 2005. I enjoyed my job very much. Although I think the moving part of it was very hard on Barbara and our two children 



Two - Patrick - 35 Meghan - 33 

Three - Madden - 9. Dylan - 8 and Shelby - 4 


Ireland, Scotland, Great Britan, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Columbia, Guatamala and Panama. 


The highlights of my life are being married to Barbara Davis Fitzgerald for 45 years, and having two wonderful children and three outstanding grand children. 

To say I can't think of anything, makes it sound like I did everything right the first time. We all know that is not the case. Leave it at that. 

Don't have any, other than looking forward to seeing some friends from High School.