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Carol (Waddoups) Campbell











Neche, North Dakota 

DVC, Hayward State University, 


Being a mother 

I work for the IRS. I forward correspondence, money and documents to their perspective destination. Hopefully any requirements, questions, concerns are handled in a reasonable time frame. I work with amazing people. We read a lot of sad stories. I feel blessed.  


Dec 2020? 

Daughter - 42, Has six children, olderst graduated HS this June
Son - Will be 39, has two children, one grandson
Daughter - 37, has three children
Son - 36
Daughter - 35 Has two daughters, oldest graduated HS this June
Son - Will be 28 in October 

2- 18 Years
2-15 years
1- 13
1- 2 months 

1 - 19 




Watching my children succeed in life, manage on their own, face challenges . See how they parent their children. Now I get to watch how my grandchildren will do as they approach adulthood. 

Raise children as a single parent. Buy a house and maintain it. Travel to visit children and grandchildren. Learn to grow plants to beautify my house.  

Been more sure about myself. Challenged opposition more. Not settled for mediocre. Taken job opportunites when they came my way. Listened to my gut.  

Live each day to the fullest. Be proactive about the choices you have regarding employment - find something you love and do it. your health, take care of yourself, ask questions if needed. Explore possibilities. Don"t live in fear. Prepare the best for your future and then live.