Questionnaire Answers

Tom Tramble










4 Times 

San Pablo. Ca 

Master Degree: Education 

Yes: The Pullman Porters and West Oakland, Arccadia Publications 

Teaching at a Alternative Education School 

Public Education:

Great experience. I've contributed at the middle school level, the high school level and after retirement, I've volunteered at the elementary level.

My study of United States history inspired my retirement travel journalism.




Son: 44 years old

Daughter: 39 years old 

3: 20, 18, 12 

Mexico and Canada 


My marriage date;

My son's birth.

My daughter's date

Student recognition

3 month long RV research travel 

Raising a family with my wife that has produced University of California grad...A grandson currently enrolled at Berkeley. 

Followed my Christian training more closely. 

Unconditional Positive Regard.