Questionnaire Answers

Katie (Harris) Morrison










Davis, CA 

BA @ UCD, with further Chemistry 


Hang Gliding for a TV commercial advertising shoes 

Research Assoc. for 3 different medical labs, over 36 years. I preferred development of new tests and procedures rather than routine lab work. 



34 year old son, Mike 

3.3 year old grand daughter, Anne
0.9 year old grandson, Edward 


Several countries in Europe, Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand ... 


Flying around the world in 2 weeks
Competing 6 -12 hours trotting my horses 25 and 50 miles on amazing single tract trails such as the PCT in our gorgeous Nat'l Forests and Parks. It's a great way to sightsee.

Oh yeah and spending a lifetime with an amazing supportive guy, our beautiful son and his new family

Raising a great son, who has become a super husband and father.

Keeping my parents (age 96) happy and somewhat healthy
Managing good care of all of our animals (oldest horse is 32, still trotting and cantering) 

Stayed in touch with you 

Live, Love and Be True to Yourself