Questionnaire Answers

Susan (Hillmann) Lewis











Jakarta, Indonesia 

San Jose State -teaching credential 


teaching in Istanbul, Turkey 

teaching-25 years in international schools in six countries-then 12 years in US public schools. I've had a great life-wouldn't have traded the unique experiences of living as an expatriate. Glad to be back in the US now and close to my two daughters and grandkids 



2 daughters, 37 and 34 

grandson 7 and granddaughter 4 


Lived in: Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania, Greece, Indonesia, and Turkey

Visited, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Thailand, Malaysia, Seychelles, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Taipei, Tazmania, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Burma, Zambia,  


raising two delightful, successful daughters
teaching and living in exotic locations including downtown Reno!
having amazing friends and family
car camping among lions and elephants in the Serengetti
skiing for 63 years


diving to 120 ft. off a wreck in Sulawesi, drift diving off Bali 

not married a surfer right out of college! 

Let's go skiing!