Questionnaire Answers

Pam (Jaunin) Kelly










5 since graduating from UC Berkeley 

La Neuveville, Switzerland 

UC Berkeley B.A. French, Rochester University M.A. French, Stanford University M.A. Education 


Accompanying students on study trips to Dublin, Ireland, Barcelona and Salamanca, Spain 

Teaching English to Swiss students and participating in the rich cultural life of a bilingual high school (teachers' meetings are held in French and German!). The academic program is demanding so I was gratified to see students reach high levels in all of the 13 required subjects for graduation. Sitting for annual oral and written exams was grueling, not only for the students but for me! On the whole I was happy to be in a school with a vibrant, progressive faculty and, over the years, I formed close friendships with both teachers and students alike. 



2: a son age 39
a daughter age 36 

2 darling grandsons ages 2 and 4 ... who live far away from us at the moment unfortunately ... in Hong Kong! 

Difficult to make a list but I will try: Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Holland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, Kenya, Togo, South Africa, Namibia, Indonesia, Australia 

Australia or Burma, depending on where you are coming from! 

Exploring, discovering, living, learning, loving. Forming wonderful friendships and raising a family. Some great memories: sailing and snorkeling with friends on the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, dancing the salsa in Santiago, Cuba, cycling on the Aran Islands, Ireland and attending the Galway Book Fair, going to the outdoor opera in Verona, Italy and on the lovely piazza in Massa Marittima, Italy. Skiing with my grandchildren (on the bunny slopes) in Switzerland and taking them to Disneyland in Hong Kong, sharing their delight discovering Winnie-the-Pooh in China . Studying Italian and art history in Florence, Italy and dining with lots of close friends there. Cycling in the Finnish archipelago and watching the regatta in Stockholm, Sweden. Crossing Russia on the Transiberian railway. Floating on Lake Nasser and peering at Abou Simbel rising before us magically to the music of Aida. Walking in the Mission District with old friends in San Francisco, amazed by all the colorful murals. Going to the film festival in Locarno, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany. Studying Shakespeare at the summer program at Cambridge University, England. Hiking in the Alps and dining on the lake by our house, seeing friends everywhere, whenever I can.  

After years of teaching in Swiss high schools, I am very happy to enjoy some of the simple things in life such as the flowers blooming on our deck or the view of the vineyards and Alps. No need to perform, just BE! I enjoy yoga as much as the Paris opera. And I have a wide number of interests which inspire me deeply, ranging from history to philosophy and art.  

Probably many things but I have no regrets. I could have lived many different lives, but then I guess we all could have! I would have liked having a shorter pom pom skirt, looking back from my present 21st century perspective! 

Sorry to miss this fabulous event!